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Charged Without Service By Oojo.com

March 28, 2022
5/5.00 reviews

Oojo.com charged without service my Citi bank credit card. For a flight ticket for a trip with a Turkish airline from Dulles airport to Lagos Nigeria on September 21, 2021. without providing the itinerary. The confirmation number is V524F in the amount of $671.05 with $59.45 for the insurance. The agent named Uvy called to tell me that the particular flight ticket I wanted was no longer available.

He said I should be expecting my refund. But since then, oojo.com did not refund my money and did not issue an itinerary to me either. After a lot of calls and disputes filled through my bank. Oojo.com wanted to give me $215.90 back from the total amount of $730.05, I did not respond to that message because it doesn’t make any sense to me, that why I was charged without service. I am willing to take a refund of the total amount of $730.05 or an itinerary to the same destination.

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