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Interstate Fraud, Wire Fraud, Mail Fraud and Title Jumping

October 5, 2021
1/5.00 reviews

I am both a senior citizen as well as a disabled veteran of the USAF with 100% disability.

I have been looking for a like new 2006 to 2008 Mustang GT for several months and in mid September I cam across what was advertised as a like new 2006 Mustang GT with ad listing posted on Ebay Motors link to now closed ad item # 124877688709


The ad listing speaks for itself as to the “prestine” and like new condition of this car according to who claimed to be the car owner, a Mr. Michael Daddio, who I spoke with an he sent photos and video of the car representing the car to be as advertised.

I sent via wire transfer $12,500 plus I paid an additional $1,000 in cash to the transporter upon arrival of the car from Florida to my residence in Schertz, TX 78154.

This complaint includes: Title Jumping violations, Interstate Fraud, Deceptive Trade, Mail Fraud and perhaps other claims.

I only dealt with a Mike Daddio who at all times claimed to be both the owner and seller of this vehicle so I relied upon his representations as represented in the ad listing on Ebay Motors as well as his continued representations via text messages and email claiming this car was turn key and required nothing for which I paid a premium price based on these representations.

Upon arrival of the vehicle, a 2006 Mustang GT Vin# 1ZVHT85H865210992 was a complete and total shock as I discovered I had been completely deceived and lied to by this Mr. Daddio.

First, the car arrived not running and had to be jump started for the driver of the transport to deliver the car to me here in Schertz, TX.

Then I discovered the car had a terrible odor on the interior as well as a complete repaint (done very poorly) with runs, overspray and flaws throughout the entire car body. The odor indicates that this may in fact be a flood car.

Then I received the car title paperwork needed to transfer the vehicle from what was believed to be Mr. Michael Daddio but instead all the paperwork was titled to a Mr. Tom Pappas who has a completely different address of 12019 Topaz St, Spring Hill, FL. 34608.

I immediately contacted Mr. Daddio via text to his cell # 727-510-5969 and informed him that I wouldn’t keep this car because he was guilty of jumping the title by selling me a car he claimed to own when in fact its titled to a Mr. Tom Pappas.

He then stated that the car was gifted to his wife by Mr. Tom Papas who is supposedly her Father?

Again, I don’t know who Tom Pappas is, I had no dealings with a Mr. Tom Pappas and I sent the $12,500 via wire transfer direct to Michael Daddio to his checking account # 1808292732 and routing # 121000248 Wells Fargo Bank. Wired on or about 09/20/2021.

I’ve made several demands for the return of my full $13,500 paid for the vehicle including the $1,000 transport costs to transport a car to Schertz, TX under fraudulent representations by Michael Daddio.

I would also like this forwarded to all investigative agencies within Florida who may have an interest and jurisdiction over this type of wrongful and possible criminal activities.

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