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Loft Credit Card Complaint Dispute

May 2, 2023
1/5.00 reviews

I’d like to share my frustrating experience with the Loft credit card. Back in June 2022, I made a final payment to pay off my balance in full. However, a few weeks later, I received a refund for the same amount. I thought I might have overpaid and cashed the check. Unfortunately, in September 2022, I noticed that the Loft credit card had accumulated interest and late fees. It turns out they had reversed the refund and placed the balance back on my card. The worst part is, I didn’t receive any notification via email, paper statement, or phone call.

Fast forward to April 17th, 2023, when I received a notification from Credit Karma that my credit score had dropped over 100 points due to a delinquent account with Loft. I immediately logged into my Loft account and saw the issue. Afterward, I contacted Loft’s customer service, but the agent couldn’t help me and instead sent me to collections.

I explained the situation to the collections agent, who advised me that they were opening a Loft credit card dispute which would take 30 days (even though the letter said it would take 90 days). However, when I called back near the 30-day mark. I saw that another late fee and interest had been added, causing my credit score to drop again. I spoke to five different agents, and each gave me a different version of the results/status. One agent even promised to take care of it and advised me to check my Loft credit card account five days later. Unfortunately, the account was still showing as past due with a balance.

Finally, a supervisor informed me that even if they removed all the fees. I would still be responsible for paying the original balance. It’s been a frustrating experience dealing with Loft’s credit card, and I hope others can avoid similar issues in the future.


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