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Email : lendingpoint.net@gmail.com

Phone/Mobile No. : 209-739-4212

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Location : 71 Stevenson St #300 San Francisco, CA 94105

Business : Lending Club

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Loan Scam

November 16, 2021
1/5.00 reviews

I was trying to get a small personal loan to my trip to Puerto Rico in a week. The purpose of the loan was to give part if not all the money to my daughter who suffered a stroke in February 2021 and was not able to work for almost 9 months. This lender ask, as of many other lenders I have looked around, for, besides a checking account number and route for the deposit and payments, they ask for login user ID and password. If you don’t provide such info they don’t approve the loan. It’s a complete scam and fraud. and the guy I talked to over the phone named Robert Bryan told as cold as he can be, we can’t give you the loan if you don’t provide the login info.

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