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September 5, 2020
1/5.00 reviews

As YOU, not me, chose to cancel my order because you made excuse after excuse about delivering the flowers. As I ordered them on Aug 23, you had plenty of time to arrange for delivery. Instead you called me on Sept 3, the day they were to be delivered, and claimed you needed a phone number for the recipient. I said no, just deliver them. You then informed me that they would be delivered Sept 4. I called you on the 4th and was THEN informed that you didn’t have the green flowers. I said pick a damn color and deliver them. I was then called on the 5th and was told that as I had changed the order the delivery would be delayed. Bullshit! You then informed me that they couldn’t be delivered until Tues the 8th. You had no intention of honoring this delivery just like the rest of the complaints that I have read about you. Since YOU, not me, cancelled my order I want a refund and I will be contacting a lawyer. I am also reporting you to any scam network I can find, as well as the Better Business Bureau, Yelp, Pissed Customer, and any others I can find.

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  • this company is so unprofessional to do business with… I placed an order for Tuesday July 12th of 2022 and it was supposed between 9 am and 1 pm… and nothing was delivered and now you don’t want to refund me my money… I’m getting a lawyer and suing for a scam.


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