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Bitburst Refuse To Release My Funds

August 11, 2022
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Bitburst is the parent company of the pole pay survey site I started doing surveys. Yesterday, I finally reached the $15 Cash-Out limit. The closer you get the cash-out. The Bless the surveys are worth two cash out to go and you have to get the $15 to cash out to go. They told me that they would hold off on my payment for the next 48 hours because of some suspicious activity.

I promised myself then I would never go back because the only thing suspicious is that they want you to do a 40-minute survey for 20 cents. That’s the only suspicious thing I find about them because I take my time. At that time I honestly thought about the police and accurately answered these things. You don’t qualify for everything so we will be suspicious. I will just be making up random lies. I get turned down for more than I get approved for now that’s number one.

Number two they have the nerve and the audacity to do it to me again. I don’t know what their problem is once I get this payment I’m deleting the app from my phone. I’m going to every survey site and leaving a scathing review about Bitburst. Because I will tell you this no way in the world can anything be more suspicious than the close you get to the cash-out. There are no surveys left in 40 minutes or you don’t qualify for anything.

I would appreciate it if Bitburst could release my money as soon as possible. I shouldn’t have to wait 48 hours because they make tons of money while we get Pennies on the dollar. If my boyfriend didn’t just recently dial code but I wouldn’t be going through this. So I don’t know what their problem is but to me that’s Paramount to stealing


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