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Bellelily Review – Low Quality Customer Care Service

March 16, 2023
1/5.00 reviews

I am writing this Bellelily review to express my extreme disappointment with your website. As a regular customer, I have always appreciated the affordable prices and fashionable clothing options offered by Bellelily. However, my recent experience with your website has left me feeling extremely dissatisfied and unsatisfied with the services provided.

Firstly, I found the user interface of your website to be extremely confusing and difficult to navigate. Despite several attempts, I was unable to filter my search results to find the specific item I was looking for. This resulted in me spending an excessive amount of time scrolling through irrelevant items. Ultimately leading to me abandoning my search altogether.

Secondly, I want to add in this Bellelily review that I was highly dissatisfied with the quality of the items I received. The clothing I purchased was not only ill-fitting but also made from low-quality materials that were not durable. I was shocked to see how quickly the clothing began to wear and tear. In some cases, even fall apart after just a few wears.

Lastly, I was highly disappointed with the customer service provided by Bellelily. Despite numerous attempts to contact customer service, I received no response to my queries, which left me feeling ignored and undervalued as a customer.

Overall, my experience with Bellelily has been extremely negative, and I am highly dissatisfied with the services provided. I strongly urge you to address these issues and take the necessary steps to improve your website’s usability, product quality, and customer service.


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