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Don’t trust these frauds and blood suckers

September 25, 2019
1/5.00 reviews

Hi, We had taken a process called Online form filling from “Amigo Info Services” the process is nothing but ad posting on various online classifieds. Initially, we had many doubts about the process but they never cleared our doubts until we pay the 2 lakh upfront. Then only they did the online signup and gave a training. There is nothing much to know about the process, it is deadly easy but they use a lot of tricks to identify faults. With a lot of struggle we run the process for nearly 3 months, the total cost of the process came up to 8 Lakhs, but the total payment we received from Amigo services was Rs.9000/- only. We had to blindly trust them because we have started a process, we did not want to give up.

Soon after signing up, if we happen to call Mr. Rohith, who heads this company, he never use to pick the call. Ms. Ritu who coordinates all the processes never takes any responsibility, nor receive any complaints. She hardly receives calls. There are others in this fraud group called Ms. Kalpana, Ms. Anjali etc.

They give some ad articles belongs to “Repair laptops”, company, trust me please, repair laptops is another fraud company. Who knows what is the relation between Amigo and repair laptops? Amigo will train you on the process but repair laptops does the QC, there is no co-relation, finally, your QC fails, you will not have direct contact with repair laptops. But the people from amigo will not have any clarity on the QC part, we are the actual losers.

Finally, when there is no payment, you will obviously close down the process, they act so smartly, they offer other processes like Data verification, UK and US lifestyle survey, etc in a discounted rates as if they show sympathy on you. Funny thing is. they also threaten us that they take legal action against us, they terminate the contract etc.

I’m writing this with a great frustration and pain. My humble request to everyone, don’t trust this fraud company and lose your hard-earned money.

Their marketing skills are excellent, they can convince anybody. Earlier this was a Pvt. Ltd, now it is no more a limited company. They say it is running under proprietorship, I doubt because whenever I ask them the registration copy, they did not respond.

These are the real criminals, bloodsuckers who are cheating many innocent people across India. Just imagine, this one company has cheated many across India. Even if you roughly count these frauds might have grabbed Crores of money in just a year. Similarly, there are many fraud BPO companies out there.

Unfortunately, there is no regulatory body to monitor and question such frauds companies. Until govt form a strong policy these criminals keep winning over innocent start-up companies.

We are filing a case against Amigo Info Services. Please join you hands with us.

I believe, Amigo like companies are the real enemies of our country, they are more dangerous than the terrorist in our border. These frauds are to be punished. Please spread this news and save many start-up companies like us.

Because I know the pain involved in it. Starting a company is not a small thing, the young entrepreneurs start the companies with a lot of enthusiasm and with many dreams to create jobs and find a career through it. Invest lot of money, we take loans. But frauds like Amigo info services ruin the dreams of many young entrepreneurs

I bet you friends, there is no single genuine process with these frauds, there are many startups who have encountered these frauds, but not all of them are raising their voice because of various reasons.

Stay away, stay away. please stay away from these buggers.


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