Lume Deodorant

Lume Deodorant Commercial Complaint – Disgusting And Repulsive Advertising

lume deodrant logo - lume deodrant commercial

The recent Lume deodorant commercial has left me utterly disgusted and questioning the sanity of its creators. Never before have I witnessed such a tasteless and offensive advertising campaign for a product that is meant to combat body odor. The frequency at which these commercials air only adds insult to injury, forcing me to mute […]


Amazon Return – Credit Not Received In My Bank Account

amazon logo jpg

On Febr 15 I returned order #113-6540022-7341865. My Amazon return was acknowledged they received an item and issued a credit off $40.99. The credit was never credited to my bank account.


Rebellious Rose Boutique Dishonest Seller/Business

rebellious rose boutique

I am writing you because I have been ripped off by the Rebellious Rose Boutique business. I purchased a pair of jeans supposed to be size large. When I received them they were 2 sizes too small. The following are the reasons why I am filing this complaint. #1 The description did not say that […]

Fashion Nova

Fashion Nova Clothes Order Not Received

fashion nova logo

A few days ago, on the 15th of January, 2023 I placed an order with the Fashion Nova clothes website to order clothing for my vacation to the Bahamas. It was reported to me that the package had arrived, but unfortunately, the package did not arrive as it was expected. The Fashion Nova clothes website […]


My MasseurFinder Account Got Suspended

Hello, My name is Eddie. For a number of years, MasseurFinder has been one of my go-to resources. Since 2014, if I’m not mistaken. I had almost 300 great ratings, but they have all been taken from my profile, leaving only 5. It’s okay though; I can get over the fact that there are only 5. […]


Gillette Proglide Complaint

gillette proglide

It has piqued my interest to learn what transpired with your Gillette Proglide. These have been quite useful to me throughout the years. Probably ever since they were first made available to the public. They gave me a very good shave which was very appreciated. Now I have three four-blade cartridges, and two of them […]

Amazon India

Amazon Product – Not Taking Return

I had ordered BAGHADBILLO UNISEX COTTON HOODED from Amazon India & I did not like the amazon product quality & I requested the return of the product. But to date, Amazon has not picked up my return even after a lot of follow-ups and calls & on Twitter as well. I am very much disappointed […]

Smart Style

Walmart Hair Salon Smart Style Complaint

On Thursday, October 20, 2022, I entered the Walmart hair salon Smart Style at my neighborhood shopping complex. I was having a difficult day emotionally and was unsure, so I thought altering my hairstyle would be a wonderful pick-me-up. At 7:25 p.m., I arrived at the salon. (On Thursday and Friday evenings, the salon closes […]

Fake Knock-Off Dress

This company shows lovely clothes but what they send is GARBAGE. They are knock-offs and look nothing like the photo! It’s just a fake dress. Do not give them your business. They refuse to provide me with an address to return it to, they refuse to respond to my complaint. They refused to give […]