want to get scalped

It appears their main business and the objective is selling cbd, DO NOT LET THEM TOUCH YOUR HAIR, unless you want to look like you were scalped, apparently they are using more CBD, the selling it, I watched a young woman working there cut a customer’s so short it looked like she was scalped, I […]


EZ returns right? WRONG!!!! you have to send the items back to CHINA!!! Their return instructions are VERY Specific – only use USPS, only delcare $15 value, take a picture of the label and receipt from USPS….$150 in USPS costs to send back and the clerk was nice enough to tell me there is a […]

Marcus A Rivero from Soles By Sir Drug Dealer Thief

Funny how a drug dealer can seal his criminal record and then file a bullshit lawsuit to prevent what’s been sealed from coming out. Miarcus Rivero known as “Soles by Sir,” filed a defamation lawsuit that somehow a judge has allowed to drag on in litigation hell for almost four years. You read that right, […]

Please put experience first

: I usually don’t go to barbershops just because I would like someone to handle a guys hair thats slightly longer. Tho, having been at Fox and Jane twice, it felt they really didn’t know how to handle a guys hair. Please know what you’re doing, or recommend me a different hairdresser that you think […]

Spent an ungodly amount of money

I wanted to go blonde and showed a picture of exactly what I wanted. I was told that going from brunette to blonde was too drastic of a change, but that they would still try it out. I literally looked the exact same after 2 hours. Spent an ungodly amount of money for a few […]


I called the boutique to make an inquiry about an item and Monica was quite rude.

I was not happy

I went for highlights and a base touch up. When the stylist was done I told her I was not happy because she covered all the highlights on the sides. There were no highlights at the roots and there was still grey. She just told me

Just for an extra charge

I loved the customer service but even though I agree to pay the amount it was, it was a mistake. I paid because she said the color was actually going to show and be vibrant, yet when it was on my hair, it loook way different than what I wanted. Nowhere near the color I […]

Fake Promos

I went there for the highlight promo that they offer on Thursdays. It is not a promo! they will charge you for the toner (which every salon cover within the highlights) and at the end you will pay same or even more than normal. The lady in the reception is not the best in customer […]

Handbag quality

Hi, I purchased a guess handbag from Florida mall Orlando USA. I bought the bag in MAY 2019. I didn’t keep the receipt I was happy with the bag at the time. Iv had the bag less then 6 months and it has already started fray on the Handel and fall apart. I’m really disappointed […]