BC Ferries

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Email :customerservice@bcferries.com

Phone/Mobile No. :N/A

Website :https://www.bcferries.com/

Location :British Columbia, Canada

Staff very rude

I wanted to ask a question regarding my dog and staff members acted like I was deeply offending them for even asking. I had assumed it was part of the job description with BC Ferries to deal with the passengers and at least be polite even if they are unable to help

BC Ferries undermines The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms by its Abuse against Minorities

Over the past 12 months authorities in BC have witnessed a surge of complaints against BC Ferries for discrimination and racism by BC Ferries staff. Various communities across the province have voiced their concern over the apparent different way BC Ferries interacts with people based on their look or background. “It is seriously troubling,” said […]

BC Ferries Unlawfully implements Apartheid in all its policies

There is a growing backlash and a public resentment over BC Ferries’ apparent implementation of the apartheid in much of its policies. “This is being advocated all the way from the top of the all-white board of directors trickling down to the crew and middle management” says one BC Ferries Anti-Apartheid activist: “The board of […]