Dr.Vasileios Xeniadis is Scammer

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Email :drvmxster@gmail.com

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Location :HK china

Asking for funds. – Oil magnet is an actual scammer

The same thing happened to me as well. So-called Dr Vasileios sent me an email requesting for funds. Upon my research, I found he is starting a new bank to support his fraud. Stay away from this man. He is already involved in an OIL scam and now he is starting a bank to con […]

Dr.Vasileios Xeniadis Ph.D is scammer

Dr.Vasileios Xeniadis Ph.D is a big big scammer. He is sending fake and phishing emails to collect funds. He calls himself a tier 1 trader and took our MT 799 for 3 weeks and traded on commodities and then came back and told us that his bank rejected the MT 799. i am sure they’re […]