Complaint Count: 3


I called the local VEC and left a message this am I was called back. The manager was just plain indifferent and a little rude. My son needs help finding employment and filing for unemployment I called the local office and was informed that they aren’t open to the public at this time. I was […]

Poor communication, trust issues

Staff seem to have some issues about my level of care and with signing my work excuses but they never addressed those concerns with me they just kept wisphering and talking amoung themselves and givingme uncomfortable looks . The last gentleman that worked with me was just rude .I couldn’t seem to say anything right […]

I need good healthcare please

The hospital continues to be an issue I went to the Er 9/5/20220. They were nasty they have no bedside demeanor or at least refuse to use any when it comes to me. They talk smack about me at the nurse’s station which often times I overhear much of whats said more offten than not. […]