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Outboard Exchange in CT Tim Hogan

March 16, 2022
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To Whom It May Concern, The following was sent to OUTBOARD EXCHANGE/OWNER TIM HOGAN, 364 Mago Point Way, Waterford, CT 06385/860-437-0060
Months leading up to November 2020, I had been in touch with OWNER TIM HOGAN of OUTBOARD EXCHANGE in WATERFORD, CT. I explained to him that my wife and I had purchased a 1996 30′ SCARAB with twin 225 Merc naturally aspirated outboard engines. As a mechanic in another life (diesel/gas engines-heavy trucks, dirt bikes & boats) I explained over the phone, & countless times by emails & text, in specific detail, the consistent EXACTING & MIRRORED problems our engines, were exhibiting from TANK RUNS in the yard to sea trials on numerous occasions. All of this is well documented. Photos, serial/VIN numbers were sent to TIM HOGAN.

After numerous conversations & exchanges via the aforementioned, TIM HOGAN was very convincing that he could take the BOAT/MOTORS ATTACHED into his shop to examine/inspect, analyze, specify & thus repair the engines. He put us on a waiting list to bring the assembly over. In November, I brought the assembly over to his yard from Wareham, MA. I met with Tim Hogan & his associate Devin. We spent considerable time going over the previously sent communications. I even got an unsolicited tour of the building. I left, my wife forwarded a deposit of about $4,000.00 so TIM HOGAN could order parts.

It’s NOVEMBER 2020. Months went by with my checking in occasionally… “ALL GOOD, PARTS IN SOON”… blah. Then came, March, April, May, June, July… all months where TIM HOGAN said “should be ready in two weeks”… (had to wait longer as TIM HOGAN forgot to secure the PORT SIDE PROP and LOST IT TO THE SEA on a sea trial) … then came Sept & Oct… ALL during that time TIM HOGAN called me & coming up with some “NEW, I FOUND THE PROBLEM added expense”. NOTE: At this point, I concede we authorized the cost… we had to as it was evident that we were being “taken for a ride”.

Finally, in November 2021 almost a year later (yes, CV was a thing/NOT once did TIM HOGAN ever communicate it as an issue) I was sent a FINAL INVOICE of almost $14,000.00. A 100% mark up from the original quote. NOW, let me explain as I am in business as well. ESTIMATES, QUOTES, and/or “GUESSTAMATES” have NEVER seen a 100% mark up!! NEVER.

So, in November 2021, I set out to pick up our assembly, BOAT, MOTORS, and TRAILER. I arrive & find the assembly across the street on another piece of property. the STARBOARD SIDE of the hull along with BOW was scraped up & had a damaged gel coat… I have photos TIM HOGAN later said his guys damaged it while moving the assembly around (NO OFFER to fix). MY 1st thought was to hook up & just leave as TIM HOGAN had been paid fully the original quoted cost of $7,000.00/I owed the balance. IF…ING REGRET to this moment NOT going with that instinct… I SHOULD HAVE.

I entered TIM HOGAN’s shop across the street & we hooked the boat up to my truck, launched it across the street and IT RAN, HANDLED and BEHAVED LIKE SHIT… hard starting, sputtered, PORT water pressure weak evac, cables tight & unsynched.. & the BOAT WAS F…, ing filthy in light of the fact he said he had it detailed.

There we were TIM HOGAN and I jetted around inconsistently on flat water… TACHS UNSYNCHED as well. After one (1) spin around the bay with obvious GLARING ISSUES… TIM HOGAN SAID and DID NOTHING. F… it, I took him around the bay again… NOTHING. The man stood there & did NOT even once try to explain away why after a year and $14,000.00 later… IN FLAT F…ing water… the boat looked like shit & ran equally as poor. We returned to the dock where this M’fer slammed the PORT side while docking. I went & got the truck and trailer… loaded the boat, went across the road to his shop, and paid him the remaining balance in full AGAINST my F….ing better judgment.

TIM HOGAN says to take it back, run it in Spring, let things settle in and out, give it a sea trial & I’ll chat with you about any adjustments then. I left.

That weekend, COLD AS IT WAS/NOT BAD… you’re damn right, this kid from the Cape who has spent his life on the sea from Lymans to Cigarette boats, Jet Skiing the extremely rough waters in the WEST END dike of the canal and fishing all over… DROPPED THAT BOAT IN. Twenty minutes later… EVERY F….ing problem I had with that boat/motors FROM THE BEGINNING, and, after spending $14,000.00 with TIM HOGAN “NO PROBLEM I CAN MAKE THEM RUN LIKE NEW”, after waiting one (1) full year and a bogus sea trial twice around the bay with TIM HOGAN… found me calling the UNITED STATES COAST GUARD for an emergency tow while POWERLESS in the CAPE COD CANAL with rocks fast approaching.

There we were ADRIFT, MY WIFE FREAKING OUT and me trying desperately to regain power and extend the motors as deep as possible to at least steer the boat manually away from the rocks as long as possible. The US Coast Guard sent a launch out and tied us up alongside and brought us back to shore. DOES ANYONE WANT A PICTURE OF THIS… VIDEO… JUST ASK.

The boat was USELESS. TIM HOGAN was made aware and made ZERO true attempts from CT to address the issue in Massachusetts. Despite waiting a year, listening to TIM HOGAN’s obvious bullshit therein, giving the man a chance to opine on his sea trials, damaged our boat while in his CARE, CUSTODY, and CONTROL… his BULLSHIT MECHANICAL APTITUDE LEAVING US ADRIFT IN THE CANAL and $14,000.00 later… NOT ONE FUCKING DIFFERENCE IN THE BOAT/MOTORS other than TIM HOGAN DAMAGING OUR BOAT. FUCKING JOKE.

After scouring for a MERCURY OUTBOARD PROFESSIONAL EXPERT, I FOUND ONE. THEY HAVE EXAMINED THE BOAT/MOTORS-got them to run, enough to check the work & parts of the printed out invoice… ANY GUESSES WHAT THEY FOUND? HACK, MISSING PARTS, UNSECURED PARTS (no surprise there as TIM HOGAN lost one of my props at sea), PARTS I PAID FOR NEVER INSTALLED, SAME STALE GAS he said he replaced, BILLED ME 150 gallons & DISPOSAL FEE, POORLY INSTALLED CABLES, & much more.

GUESS WHAT? I have a quote to fix ALL for around $7500.00. THAT WORK HAS STARTED. I OFFERED TIM HOGAN of OUTBOARD EXCHANGE WATERFORD CT an opportunity to REFUND $9,500.00 of the almost $14,000.00 we paid him AND, THAT I WOULD BE PROVIDING HIM UPON RECEIPT A GENERAL RELEASE OF ALL HIS OBLIGATIONS. That was a week ago. TIM HOGAN of OUTBOARD EXCHANGE in WATERFORD, CT has gone radio silent.

Tim Hogan was warned that if he ignored me/US, I would be doing EXACTLY WHAT I AM DOING HERE-telling our story that TIM HOGAN of OUTBOARD EXCHANGE in WATERFORD CT is a FRAUD, A THIEF, BULLSHITTER EXTRAORDINAIRE, UNPROFESSIONAL, & downright FULL OF SHIT. I am going to post this everywhere within a 50 MILE RADIUS OF HIS HOME AND BUSINESS ADDRESS, I am going to send a copy to every resident & marine associated business in his hometown (I BOUGHT LISTS OF THEM ALL), going to post in every consumer blog, website & social media outlet until I wear the skin off my fingers. YOU WERE WARNED TIM HOGAN of OUTBOARD EXCHANGE in WATERFORD CT… $9500.00 RETURNED & WE GO AWAY/BETTER BUSINESS BUEAY, RIPOFF REPORT, CT CONSUMER AFFAIRS, LIENS ON YOUR PROPERTY, CIVIL & CRIMINAL COMPLAINTS TO FOLLOW SEEKING TREBLE DAMAGES 3X the $14,000.00, plus legal fees, interest, punitive fees.

IF YOU KNOW TIM HOGAN of OUTBOARD MARNE in WATERFORD CT? If you don’t, I suggest you keep it that way. If you do, you might want to express an intelligent opinion as to HOW HE SHOULD HANDLE THIS MATTER IMMEDIATELY. Told me he spent a lot of time reviewing my communications, ordering parts online & noting all he did. Hmmm, fooled us upfront but it’s obvious NOW that never took place.

COMMUNICATIONS, DOCUMENTS, EMAILS, TEXTS, PHOTOS/I HAVE IT ALL TO BACK THIS STORY/want a copy? Skip@capecodroof.com 508-295-3562/identify yourself and I will provide you the info. CHECK HIS PROPERTY LIEN HISTORY AS WELL


S Schiappa
111 Hathaway Rd
Wareham, MA

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