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Immigration agency deceive me by taking amount of Rs 82600

May 10, 2021
1/5.00 reviews

This complaint is regarding an immigration agency who is refusing to give me my refund of Rs 82,600. So this started on 2nd April, I had called this agency for inquiring about Canada permanent residence visa. I gave all the correct information about myself during that first call. Now the Senior Immigration counselor named – priyank Tayal with whom I spoke that day, he informed me that I was eligible for the Canada Permanent residence process where I had clearly informed him about my job profile and role as a “Customer Relation Advisor” in a Call center.(This conversation happened way before I paid the consulting fee).

So, Mr. priyank again called up on 5th April and asked me to pay the processing fee. Fee was paid on 6th April at 1.57 pm via payUMoney and the resume was sent at 3.06pm. They also asked me to sign an agreement for this process.
Now, The assessment report document which was shared by him in which my NOC code states as “Customer & information services Supervisor” which is incorrect. Although,I confronted him stating that my NOC and the duties mentioned are incorrect but he said that he checked internally and claimed that it was correct at that time.As a proof, I am sharing my whats app screenshot. Even I had shared my resume and offer letter with him in which no where it is mentioned as a Supervisor on my resume. So, Mr. priyank misguided and gave me false information stating that I was eligible under skilled worker category but I was falling under category of unskilled workers. This Immigration did fraud and deceive me by saying that I was eligible for Canada permanent residence visa which I was not.

So, I messaged Mr. Priyank and case officer-chanchal on 8th April that I do not want to continue with the permanent residence process due to personal reasons and asked for refund but they denied. So I rechecked and got to know that company gave me false information stating that I was eligible but in reality I was not eligible.

I had also shared my resume and my role and responsibilities offer letter with him which clearly mentions my job profile and details that I do not fall under “customer and information services supervisor” category despite that he gave me assurance saying that it is correct and you can move forward with the process. I have the screenshots attached.

Now they are still insisting me to continue with the Permanent residence visa process with the incorrect NOC code (my correct NOC code is 6552 – which is under the unskilled worker category )which has no significance for my work experience,(i.e – I do not get points for my work experience according to Canada eligibility criteria)where I do not belong to the category O,A & B which is under-skilled workers category. This company misguided me with false and incorrect information. I have all the proof and attachments emails with me.

Please help me get my refund from this Immigration agency where I requested, pleaded, and did every possible thing but they are not willing to refund. I am helpless. Kindly help me for the same. Thank you.

My name : Divya koli
Email ID :
Mobile : 8369239353
place : Mumbai

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