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Location : Units A-C 25/F Seabright Plaza No. 9-23 Shell St North Point

Contact : +85256224119

Email : admin@eai-bank.com

Website :https://eai-bank.com/

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EAI – Fake Bank – Scammer Vasileios Xeniadis another scam

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This so called digital bank is owned by our very known scammer vasileios xeniadis. Who calls himself a Oil magenet.
After all his other scams very known to people, he started this bank to request money from people and involve them in his scam.

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Lee chang

June 29, 2020 at 10:50 pm

I also am a victim of Vasileios who is now using face of this bank to rip people apart. They are using a fancy website that make it look like a billion euros bank but dont forget its the scamster who is handling it. I came across the bank site online and was very happy as I was looking for it but then on further research i found that this bank is owned by Mr Xeniadis which made me sad and happy. Sad because I can deal with this bank now and happy because i have saved from getting ripped again.
Stay away from VASILEIOS or you will regret for the run of your money.

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