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$150.00 Not Refunded By Dropship Town

August 22, 2022
1/5.00 reviews

My previous experience includes working as a reseller for an online business based in the state of Florida. After coming across it, I took the decision to sign up for an account so that I would be able to make future purchases, and I put a reasonable amount of $ 150.00 into the account. My involvement in this particular company has never resulted in the expenditure of that cash or the acquisition of any goods.

Following a certain amount of time, NovaTech Wholesale underwent a transformation and is now operating under the name Dropship Town. I sent them a few emails to let them know that I would be grateful for a refund of the money that they had taken out of my account. Never once did anyone from the company get back to me in any capacity. Users who enter the NovaTech Wholesale website into the address bar of their browser will be immediately redirected to the Dropship Town website.

It wasn’t until very recently that I recalled the amount that I had contributed, and despite the passage of some time since then, Dropship Town has accumulated the cash; however, it has never been put to use. Despite the fact that I am aware of this information, I was not able to recall it until quite recently. This is despite the fact that I have known it for quite some time. It is in everyone’s best interest, in my view, for them to return the money because doing so would be morally commendable.

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