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Bedpage – Fraud/Scam/Stealing Customers Money

February 6, 2023
1/5.00 reviews

The Bedpage website is a SCAM and FRAUD. It’s a scam where they steal money (Bitcoins) from customers.
I got ripped off by the Bedpage website by deleting my paid ad (and other people’s ads) and stealing my remaining credit, so my account showed zero credit. I was told you have to deposit $100 in Bitcoin to “activate” your account. Is there a reason why we are required to pay them $100 in Bitcoin if we wish to post only one ad, which costs $5?

In response to my question as to why my paid ad was deleted. They said that they did not delete anything. Surely, it must be a figment of my imagination… Talking with them is useless and extremely frustrating. It is Bedpage sole objective to extort as much money from you as possible, and that is all they are looking for. It seems that they keep telling you that the only way to “activate” your account is to deposit $100 in Bitcoin.

The reason my account has been locked is that even though I followed their instructions and deposited even more than they requested ($102). They only credited my account for $99.97. Which means it has not been credited to my account. After that, they will tell you that you need to deposit more money… The problem is that you cannot deposit only 3 cents more. The minimum deposit is $25, and you cannot deposit only 3 cents more. Have you got the picture yet?

That is the game they are playing at the moment. In addition, if you give in and deposit more. Shortly after that, they will lock your account again without any explanation. Because they want to “verify” everyone now (they tell you that AFTER they receive your money, not before). They ask for a video with all kinds of personal and biometric information (including your face and a sample of your voice).

Unless you agree to that, your money will be kept, no refunds will be given. Additionally, they don’t post or tell you their company’s address, phone number, where they’re located, or who owns them. I have emailed customer service numerous times and they have not responded to any of my e-mails. There is no doubt that Bedpage is a scam and a fraud.

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