Personal training sessions not reimbursed

I am a member in this gym almost since day 1. Covid however has dealt a bad blow to this gym. I had paid for my personal training and to my surprise after the gym opened I was told to pay extra money for my pending sessions! The icing on the cake was that I […]

Faulty Product Supplied but not Replaced by IFB

Dear Consumer complaints Team I purchased an IFB convection oven -20CS2 model through Amazon. in. Date of purchase 30/07/2019. It worked only for initial 1-2 months. Some major functions including the start button stopped working. So I registered a service complaint with IFB. The service engineer attended and replaced the touch panel on his second […]

Doesn’t got my Home deposit amt/Reimbursement from Nestaway

Hi Team I Vacated My Home On 10th Dec. My Home Owner Is Paying Instant Home Deposit Refund. My Home Inspection Also Done On 12th Dec But Still Now I Doesn’t Received My Home Deposit Amount. Due To This I’m Facing Financial Crisis And Mentally Getting Affected. Kindly Take An Action On Them, They Are […]

Poor communication, trust issues

Staff seem to have some issues about my level of care and with signing my work excuses but they never addressed those concerns with me they just kept wisphering and talking amoung themselves and givingme uncomfortable looks . The last gentleman that worked with me was just rude .I couldn’t seem to say anything right […]

defective washing machine piece, fraud

We used this website to hire a washing machine repair technician. They sent a guy named Abid Shaik (phone number +6363278314), who came and mentioned that the washine machine timer has to be replaced. He replaced it with old faulty equipment and charged us 4850 rs, and in addition service charge for 350 Rs , […]

PR paperwork for Canada with Royal Migration Review

I am very grateful to royal migration and his team for making my transition to Canada a very smooth one. My PR paperwork was filled and completed to a high standard. They earned my full confidence in their service and I never for once have to worry about following up on the progress. Everything was […]

My Experience with Royal Immigration Team

A hassle-free experience with royal immigration. I was naive but I met the right consultant who has proven invaluable through the whole visa journey. If you are looking to live, study or work abroad, you can never go wrong with Royal Migration.

My True Review on PR application by Royal Migration

Royal migration worked on my PR application. All my concerns were addressed very quickly and precisely. From documentation to submission, everything was timely and perfect. They make me feel very confident in my application. Royal migration team is the very best and I’m 100% satisfied with the service.

Royal Migration Review for Providing Temporary Work Permit

I have the most awesome experience with this team. Applying for a temporary work permit has always been one thing I dreaded most. For one, I don’t want to fall into the hands of inexperienced immigration services. 2nd, applying for a visa is tiring and overwhelming. 3rd, I am just afraid of reflections. From the […]

Got Student Visa To Germany Through Royal Migration

I had a bad experience with many migration consultants, they lied to me and wasted my time, resources, and money. A friend finally introduces me to Royal Migration for my student visa to Germany and I am super grateful for the result. The team at Royal Migration was very patient, reassuring, and knowledgeable. They followed […]