underhanded and dishonorable

After buying a solar light order # 112-3111614-6788246 and a square trade warrant for it I called to get the warranty service. After wasting hours with Square Trade to be finely told you broke it and it is not covered for that. It was put up and never touched, no one broke it. Called Amazon […]

Avoid This Company At All Costs

Not only will this fraudulent entity spam your phone will phone calls, texts, and emails, regardless if you’re a client or potential customer or not, they will flat out lie to you and take your hard-earned money. They operate under Reliant One Insurance Center, in addition to Nationwide Financial Services. When an unknowing customer asks […]

Criminal Neglect

I’m only giving St. Anthony’s one star because I can’t give them zero. My wonderful, 87-year-old dad entered about a week ago for help with his dementia symptoms. We were not allowed to visit him, allegedly because of Covid-19. ( I say allegedly, because we have since transferred him to Via Christi St. Francis, where […]


EZ returns right? WRONG!!!! you have to send the items back to CHINA!!! Their return instructions are VERY Specific – only use USPS, only delcare $15 value, take a picture of the label and receipt from USPS….$150 in USPS costs to send back and the clerk was nice enough to tell me there is a […]

Heard bad things about Fintiba

I have heard many bad things from fellow students about the blocked bank account in Germany. Fintiba looks young, but they are making many mistakes. Sometimes parts of the money is missing or missing completely which is of course worst case. They are not trusted anymore amongst my friends.

Incomplete or partial treatment for my spouse

My spouse was carrying baby. During first trimester scan found that, baby having multiple early birth defects (OCCIPITAL ENCEPHALOCELE & SCOLIOSIS OF SPINE). Hence suggestion to terminate baby. So we have consulted nearby hospital “Abhayahasta Multispeciality Hospital” for furter procedure/treatment. MTP treatment done by Dr.Aparna Baliga in Abhayahasta Multispeciality Hospital for 13weeks pregnancy termination of […]

Marcus A Rivero from Soles By Sir Drug Dealer Thief

Funny how a drug dealer can seal his criminal record and then file a bullshit lawsuit to prevent what’s been sealed from coming out. Miarcus Rivero known as “Soles by Sir,” filed a defamation lawsuit that somehow a judge has allowed to drag on in litigation hell for almost four years. You read that right, […]

EAI – Fake Bank – Scammer Vasileios Xeniadis another scam

This so called digital bank is owned by our very known scammer vasileios xeniadis. Who calls himself a Oil magenet. After all his other scams very known to people, he started this bank to request money from people and involve them in his scam.

Asking for funds. – Oil magnet is an actual scammer

The same thing happened to me as well. So-called Dr Vasileios sent me an email requesting for funds. Upon my research, I found he is starting a new bank to support his fraud. Stay away from this man. He is already involved in an OIL scam and now he is starting a bank to con […]

Dr.Vasileios Xeniadis Ph.D is scammer

Dr.Vasileios Xeniadis Ph.D is a big big scammer. He is sending fake and phishing emails to collect funds. He calls himself a tier 1 trader and took our MT 799 for 3 weeks and traded on commodities and then came back and told us that his bank rejected the MT 799. i am sure they’re […]